Write . . . ever feel that nudge? That compelling? Wonder if you’ll die with the ‘music’ of your words unsaid and unheard . . . ?

I do.

At times, the words flow. They swell in my brain until they cannot be contained. Seemingly not mine, yet certainly an expression of me.

Other times, I am a dry well. Days consumed by others. Moments silent and still before my Lord at a premium or nonexistent.

Then summer comes. Time to wrap up the ministry I lead in a local elementary school. Meet with members of the staff and faculty, our KH leadership team, and in general, work hard to tie up a myriad of End of Year details. Check on our summer literacy efforts. Finalize budget preparations for the coming church year. Plan our upcoming August returning mentor training session. Ready promotional materials and new mentor training materials for fall . . . .

All the while wondering if this might be the year I find that month or so for an intensive journey to finish a book way too long in the making. The past few years, life circumstances in family and health have taken a much higher priority on my time and efforts . . . and it seems this summer will be no different.

And yet, I wonder . . . could I? Should I? Will I ever let go and fully trust God to show me the way? Am I looking for excuses?

I wonder . . . if somehow I am afraid of what others might think more than I am determined to unleash my inner journeys onto paper?

I wonder . . . if I have not completed enough of a healing journey to have something of substance to say? Am I somehow still locked into a pattern of inner doubt rather than a determination to write?

I wonder if I will ever let my words flow, trusting that what I have learned from the Sustainer of my Soul might somehow be found as encouragement, validation or hope to those who struggle and suffer.

Our world is broken, societally crumbling, morally without a compass, way out of balance between the haves and the have nots, rife with evil, and for many, void of hope.

And so I say, Christ Followers, arise. Tell your stories. Drink in deeply from the river of the Holy Spirit and well of God’s love. This life journey is not about us, it is about . . . the Lord Jesus Christ, who is our hope. 1 Timothy 1:1. Christ in us the hope of Glory. Colossians 1:27-29.

I wonder how often Christ is the One I seek to know above all else . . .

And I wonder if I am prepared to make Christ fully known as my hope . . . .