Temptation is real, has been real since the beginning of humankind’s journey on this earth.

Bottom line in any given tempting situation . . . we choose to seek God’s face and God’s heart, to follow and let God rule and reign in our lives. Or we choose different paths: follow self-serving instincts to want it all, control it all, figure it all out on our own, know best what we need, often offending or injuring others in the process. Or succumb to self-doubt, self-condemnation and inability to trust God. Sadly in the last choices, we seem to abandon faith, degrade the Imago Dei lovingly implanted within every human being, forget to ask for God’s help and wisdom thus blocking our purpose in Kingdom work.

I’ve wrestled with the latter choices – a penchant for being in control and a default button for being self-disparaging. Both temptations signaling a choice to be less than I was created to be. The first, setting myself up as the one to set the path before me always ends in my strength running dry. The second, wallowing in self-abasement and doubt rather than crying out to God in faith believing what He says about me His child always ends in tears with little hope. Both lead to forgetting God’s promise never to leave – fail – or forsake me. Not being disciplined in putting on God’s designed armor for the spiritual battles that loom all around me. Or worse, in essence saying that God is not enough for whatever lies before me.

Recently a choice to succumb to weariness, a lack of new vision and in light of tough circumstances surrounding our ministry among at-risk children, a struggle to keep believing God is at work had rendered me mute for a couple of days.

Yet God was not surprised, nor put off by my lack of trust . . . God sent two good friends via phone calls to remind me who He is and who I am in Him. God pulled me into places in His Word that infused hope and reignited passion for the work. God sent a reminder of miracles in ministry that occurred in out of the way earthly places yet mighty ones in the realm of heaven.

God heard my cries . . . and drew near . . .

In the words of a Gaither song, God is here, listen closely. Hear Him calling out your name. God is here, {I} can touch Him. {I} will never be the same.