My days – filled. My conversations – rich.

My moments – mixed.

Some moments find me running head long into the darkness of life. Pouring much of myself, our church’s resources, people and prayers into an impoverished neighborhood school filled with children from families stuck in the chains of socio-economic poverty. Poverty of life. Poverty of hope. It. Is. Hard.

Other moments are filled with hope rooted in Jesus. God is able. God is faithful. God reminds me it is His battle. God. Sends. Us.

My body – tired. Weather patterns wreak havoc on already painful joints. A busy schedule claims most of my energies. But rest helps. Exercise strengthens, restores.

The beauties of springtime abound. Restoration. Resurrection. Creativity. Diversity. New life. Brilliant colors. The Creator of all things speaks volumes through the works of His hands, brings joy.

Spring storms come. Storms go. Storms have pummeled much of the country. Torrential rains brought flood waters. Lightning strikes brought power outages. Winds downed trees. Hail left destruction.

Ferocious storms . . . but not tonight. Summer heat held at bay, the coolness of the evening transports me. I close my eyes and am on a hotel porch looking out over my beloved Canadian Rocky Mountains. Open my eyes, our backyard speaks peace, comfort, hope.

My world is at rest. Not one breath of air moving. Not one blade of grass, not one leaf stirring even slightly. Wind chimes cast a straight shadow rarely seen on the brick wall behind them. Tree giants stilled, the yard looks like a portrait.


Shalom. All is as it should be, as it was intended to be – in sync, growing, providing. The natural rhythms of life and nature in tact.

All is at rest. No bird sounds. No tiny squirrel feet skittering across pecan tree branches. Not one faint tap of a woodpecker’s beak. Evening rest brings them restoration for a new day of foraging.

And I am at rest in my Lord.

This night, I lean into my Lord. Rest my weary frame and soul in God’s goodness, love, presence. My conversations with God come to a close . . .

I. Am. At Peace.

Now may the God of peace Himself continually grant you peace in every circumstance. The Lord be with you all. 2 Thessalonians 3:16