Last light of evening filters through our backyard tree branches . . . muted orange rays emanating from the waning, yet still brilliant greater light God created to rule the day. Genesis 1:16

God also formed a lesser light to rule the darkness: earth’s moon which has no light of its own making.

As the moon reflects the sun, giving light to the night sky, we as Christ Followers are called to reflect Jesus, the Light of the world, into the world. John 8:12

Whether our lives seem like blazing joyous sunshine or waning dimness, God shines in each of us reflecting Jesus’ Light to the world.

This evening as the setting sun sinks beneath the horizon, its light dimming, the world falls into the in-between. The sun’s intense brightness muted, some light still filters through as shadows begin to descend over trees, plants, and our grandchildren’s swings.

In those moments before darkness blankets our yard, there is a time of softness, stillness and peace. Night is meant for rest, refueling, restoration . . . preparation for each new day.

And as morning comes, first light awakens the world to the beauty of the dawn. Sunlight begins to shine brightly over rooftops across the street, coming through our living room windows unfiltered! Nothing of the day ahead to cloud the sun’s light . . . outside or in me.

The LORD’s lovingkindness and mercies are new every morning. Lamentations 3:22-23a.

What filters do we purposely or unknowingly choose to be that which God’s Light has to break through into our hearts? Perhaps some unconfessed sin, worries, lingering hurt, anxiety, unforgivness, frustration, pain, anger, selfishness . . . what is it for you?

Oh Lord, I pray – be my one and only filter through which I process all of life.

Cleanse my heart, O God. Pour your Light into any darkened crevices of my soul.

And, create spaces within me that reflect the Greatest Light to those around me. Isaiah 42:6-7

Our world is desperately in need of the Light of the World reflecting in our lives. Whether as the fading last light of evening or the breaking first light of dawn, let us all be reflectors of the LORD’s light . . .

You were formerly darkness, but now you are light in the Lord; so walk as children of light . . . in goodness, righteousness and truth. Ephesians 2:8-9