Spring thunderstorms blow through. Darkness descends. Lightening illuminates what darkness has engulfed. Thunder rumbles. Rain falls almost imperceptibly before a crack of lightening invites the deluge to begin. Small hail soon bounces off our windows and kitchen skylight. Wind and rain come with fury.

The parched ground drinks quickly, and completely . . . then it is over.

No longer engulfed in storm and rain, a yellow tint begins to shimmer through the tree branches. Gentle sounds of the last vestiges of rain are dancing on the gutter drain. Towering clouds beyond our yard are being transformed by an almost eerie muted golden glow, creating a beautiful backdrop for bright green ferns, grasses and trees seemingly alive with glistening water droplets.

I. am. calm. My soul is at rest . . . . peace ensues, within and around me.

Soon full sunlight breaks through and the darkness is dispelled.

It is four weeks after my accident and ensuing hip replacement, a 5 day hospital because of low hemoglobin count and low blood pressure, and the beginning of physical therapy – life had been rudely interrupted, again. Memories of 2019-20 resurface. Flashbacks of a really rough knee replacement. Blood clots in my lung after that surgery. An emergency gut surgery just over three months post knee replacement . . . and persistent pain for nearly 3 years.

But this one is different. Much easier. Much less pain, and progress is happening much quicker. My gratitude for and praise to God flows: for breath, life, a generous care giving husband, our children-spouses-grandkids, supportive friends and, the simple beauty of this afternoon.

I am blessed this day. I am in awe of our great and ever faithful God. As I sink into His presence, I remember . . and am filled with gratitude for all the times God has led and carried me before. All the ways God has been faithful just as He promises He will be. And all the good gifts God places around us if we will just look and seek Him with our whole hearts.

‘As for me, I shall behold Your face . . . and be satisfied with seeing Your likeness when I awake.’ Ps 17:15