There they were . . . one a perfect specimen of a finely tuned athletic champion, the other a beautiful testimony of determination to overcome and grace beyond words. But when Gabby Douglas met Lauren Sruggs in an interview this morning, both were mere women speaking with joy and sharing their faith.

Both seem to have an inner drive to succeed and both now have a platform from which to speak. So which story will carry the most weight?

One gave up home, family, untold hours in training in order to pursue her dream and achieved what most would call the pinnacle of success in the gymnastic world. Surely a message of inspiration, joy and hope.

One had much physically stolen by an unfortunate accident yet she has not given up, or given in. Her message as well is one of inspiration and hope, and it is also one of deep faith in God. Though she still bears traces of her ordeal, she also bears markings of the God who walks with us in all circumstances.

What Lauren calls ‘living by faith, not by sight’ is a testimony to God at work within her during these days. And I believe God will continue bringing good into the lives of others as she tells her story of hope, faith and triumph.

I put my hope in God; I will praise Him for the help of His presence . . . by day as the Lord pours out His steadfast love upon me, and through the long night as His song is with me, I will pray to Him who gives me life. Psalm 42:5b, 8