Jesus is the image of the invisible God . . . . Colossians 1:15

Jesus is . . . the exact representation of God’s nature. Hebrews 1:3

For some, the image of God becoming man, walking among us, loving, teaching, serving, healing, sacrificing His life, allowing us to ‘see’ the Holy Almighty God is a stretch to grasp. But for others, it might seem a bit more feasible than trying to imagine what no human has ever seen – God’s splendor and majesty and beauty and glory.

What about reports of the immensity of stars and galaxies and universes millions of ‘light years’ in distance beyond our known world? The depth of complexity in even one cell in our bodies? The absolute exactness of the earth’s rotation around the sun? Things beyond most sight and comprehension, yet all speak volumes about the power and perfection of our God.

Or what about things we can see – a beautiful flower, the symmetry of design on a butterfly’s wings, an amazing sunset, or a budding tree ‘resurrected’ after a harsh winter? All speaking of God’s beauty and majesty and love.

Not long ago, as I sat on our patio, stilling my soul and seeking my Lord, I saw beyond the visible. I ‘saw’ God in the world around me . . . .

We have an enormous pecan tree towering over our house and backyard. Every day, I see its outward appearance – trunk, limbs, bark, leaves, pecans. But what of the inner system transporting its nourishment? At least 50-60 feet tall, what would its root system look like? What of the carbon dioxide absorbed and oxygen emitting from its leaves, meeting the needs of several humans for the year. I stand in awe . . . .

How many shades of green exist in this one place – ferns, bushes, plant leaves, grass, and a variety of trees. Amazing visible works of our invisible God, yet how many more shades of green did our Lord create? How many more plants, trees and grasses exist across the earth? Staggering numbers created by an infinite indescribable God.

Lost in thought and praise to our God, I became aware of something within me. The infinite God had transcended space and time and was with me. God’s presence had blanketed my weary and burdened soul with peace. God held my pain. God was giving me strength to face my day.

Filled with wonder and gratitude, I took one more look toward the yard before heading in when I noticed a small lizard sitting on the lip of our bird bath, its body immersed. Cooling, soothing its skin before the onslaught of the day’s heat. Head erect, eyes scanning for trouble, it sat perfectly still unaffected by my gaze.

The lizard was within my sight, yet it was the invisible effects of water – cooling, hydrating, life-giving restoration – that resonated within my soul.

Jesus called it ‘living water’ in the book of John, chapter 4. Water drawn from a well and given to Jesus to drink became a visible representation of what our invisible souls are created to need.

My need that day was peace, reassurance of my Lord with me. But oh, how the living water of Jesus provides so much more. Cleansing, filling, giving eternal life. Providing daily sustenance for our souls through the spiritual ‘waters’ of our invisible yet living, loving, faithful God.

Oh, how I pray you have come to ‘see’ and know the invisible God through Jesus. I pray you are encouraged and deepened in your relationship with Him through Scripture, through prayer, and through other believers.

I hope you are able to see and experience God throughout the created world around us, for what a beautiful and amazing world it is . . . and may what you see in the invisible realm fill your soul with God’s living water to overflow into the hearts and lives of a very thirsty world.