Strange title? Just being honest.

After a much welcomed respite – a couple of days ago I had a morning off from the intensity of the pain that dogged me over the past few weeks. Oh, what freedom it brought . . .  but oh, how it returned with a vengeance.

Chronic pain consumes, especially when it intensifies to new levels. Prevents sleep. Avoids being pacified by meds. Causes simple daily tasks to be a struggle. Brings a weariness not warranted by present activity levels and seems determined to stay.

Good reasons as to why any respite, however brief, brings such depth of relief, clarity of thought, and renewed vision . . . this one particularly allowed my hands once again to freely move across the keyboard to write and restored their ability to do simple household tasks.

I think perhaps the cycle of respite/return to pain is why the picture caught my eye – a child running through raindrops, laughing with glee. And the caption: When the storms of life set in, don’t forget to dance in the rain!

O God, help me never forget you are with me in the storms. You purpose good to be found and fulfillment to be had.

On pain-filled days, help me crawl out of my cocooned soul, filled with the joy of being alive and being your child. Remind me to practice the grace of gratitude for who you are. For your care, sustenance and presence. For family, friends, and purpose. For your promise to never leave, forsake, or abandon any who call on your Name. For your gift of working through my pain when I lay it at your feet as offering.

O Lord, use these days of pain for your glory. Speak through my rambling words to touch another soul as you have so graciously touched me over the years through the words of others. Reveal yourself to those who are hurting.

Side note: for those who wonder – yes, I have begged for relief, prayed for healing, asked my Lord to intervene.

And though His hands continue to be closed in that area, the doors of His heart are wide open. His presence is near. His love evidenced. God is helping me see beyond the storms. God wants me to embrace the rains of life. And God is pouring out the freshness of the rains of His Spirit.

O God, help us remember to dance in the rain . . .