Birth and life . . . . . . . . death. For all of us. For all of creation.

So what do we do with that . . . . . . . . ? Those in-between days, months, years?

I guess that is a question of the ages, at least of some in every generation. But to find a real answer, I think we have to answer the bigger questions. Is there a God? Did Jesus really live? Did He die for us? Was He truly resurrected? Does He live? Does He live in us? Does He care?

Another time, another longggggggg post might begin to scratch the surface of those questions. But suffice it to say at this point, I believe.

The cross of Jesus Christ and His resurrection truly are the dividing line of all creation. The good news. The gospel. According to the apostle Paul in I Corinthians 15, the things of first importance.

But what does that have to do with now, the in-between?


How? Why?

Because if God is who Scripture says He is. If Jesus is who He proclaimed to be, then we can know we are loved, deeply. We are created to be in relationship with God and that way has been made available to all. We are all made in the Imago Dei – the image of God – meant to be God-image-bearers. Created for good works. Gifted. Born with purpose.

Yes, there is a Kingdom of God (not yet) that we cannot see and perhaps will never really understand until we come face to face after the ‘in-between.’ But there is also a Kingdom of God (already) that we see every day. Lives transformed. Lives lived with eternal purpose. Lives focused on the in-between because of the after.

People serving others. People laying down their lives. People doing the right things, offering mercy, seeking justice, living humbly before God and humankind. People caring for the sick, the orphans, the disenfranchised, the poor, the helpless, the oppressed, the dying. People taking care of, restoring, redeeming our planet. People living lives that love, give, teach, serve, care for, restore . . . and do so without asking anything in return.

People living lives that understand the concept of Divine love, accept the Divine gift of grace, and through faith, trust in a Divine Redeemer who absolutely knows what we should do with our ‘in-between’ time on this earth. Love God and love others as we love (understand our, and all others’, divine worth and value) ourselves.

Love God. Allow God to live in and through us. Allow God to ever be transforming us into better reflections of His image. Let God hold our hearts when they hurt. Give God permission to heal us and restore our souls when we desperately need His touch. Seek God above all else. And . . .

Love others. Allow God to love others through us. Extend grace. Reflect God’s image. Walk into our calling, our giftedness, no matter the cost. And perhaps fulfill the greatest calling, make disciples.

Lay down our lives. Be willing to be broken bread and poured out wine as unto our Lord so that others might know what to do with their in-between . . . .