I think I saw God this morning . . . or at least an evidence of God’s presence in our world, and with me . . . .

Our weather has been insufferably hot this summer, 90+ days over 100 degrees. Dry conditions. Drought. Brown and dust replacing the green hopes of last spring.

But today, things are remarkably different. Oct 1 and finally a reprieve. 50 degrees. Low humidity. No wind. And yes, I sat outside on our patio. Coffee in hand and God’s Word in my lap. What a beautiful morning.

And yet . . . why is there all too often an ‘and yet’? Why was I not completely satisfied with cool weather and time outside with my Lord?

And yet I confess that I hungered for the presence of birds. Songbirds. Cardinals. Doves. Even slightly annoying blue jays. Squirrels skittered up and down the limbs of our enormous pecan tree chasing each other, but not a bird in sight. I love to watch birds coming to feed. To drink. To bathe. And they speak such joy and peace to me.

But I did turn aside, leave the birds to another time and begin to pour over Scripture passages. Listening for what God might say through them. A sweet time with my Lord.

Eventually, laundry called my name. Well that, and the last cold dregs of my coffee begging for a refill. So I went inside, busying myself with the tasks of the day. Content. Inwardly filled. At peace. Such gifts after the intensity of ministry over past few weeks had left my soul rather depleted.

A couple of hours later though, I passed by the French doors leading to my patio and instinctively looked over toward the bird feeder and bird bath. Completely catching me by surprise, there sat a female cardinal drinking her fill. Her mate was high above chirping his shrill short whistle. And two chic-a-dees were flitting around the feeder.

I stopped.

I looked.

I saw God. No, not literally, but maybe . . . .

I saw God’s handiwork. I saw beauty. I saw birds like unto those that Jesus proclaimed God cared about intimately. And I sensed God’s gift – a picture of His care for me. A bird sent as a reminder of God’s presence with me. God’s care for the children and teachers of the school where I direct our church’s mentoring ministry. God’s promise that He will never leave us. God will carry our burdens. God does and will redeem.

God is the one pouring forth anything of worth that comes from my life. And God is a God surprises us from time to time with glimpses of His presence in our world.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8

Oh God, please continue the refining of my heart and soul until I can see you in all things. In all circumstances. On all days.