The polar vortex is descending on our land. Frigid temperatures, snow and ice cover the midsection, expanding south and heading east. In Texas, we’ll see single digits at night while those up north will battle temperatures far below zero!

Today’s grey skies hang dense, filled with high humidity. There’s a definite chill in the air. But my wind chimes sing a song of peace as I sit in the warmth of my home, grateful for a large window and french doors onto my patio. The only movement is in my nandina bushes as spindly trunks wave their green tops, showing off their bright red berries. Berries the birds love!

Not long, and the birds come . . . a female cardinals with feathers fluffed to add warmth, sparrows, wrens, a red headed woodpecker and a small flock of finches with pale red heads. A wren pecks through flower beds, the woodpecker and a finch eat from seed filled suet squares while the cardinal and others gather at the feeder flush with sunflower seeds.

I am drawn to the small sparrows lined up on the lip of our bird bath. We filled it yesterday so several seem happy to ignore the cold and splash happily, preening feathers as they finish.

It didn’t seem like a day for an outdoor bath to me, but then I am not a bird! I do get thirsty though, as did these birds, drinking fully before flying away.

First thing in the morning, I am thirsty for coffee! The rest of the day though, I thirst for water. Our world is 71% water while adult bodies hover between 50-65% water. We must have water to live. Going without is not an option . . .

The Psalmist writes that as the deer longs for the water brooks, so his soul thirsts for God, for the living God. Ps 42:1-2. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ proclaims that if anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. John 7:37.

Today, my soul thirsts for the living God. Covid has stolen several weeks from my husband and me. Life shrunk to the walls of our home and daily FaceTime calls with our children and grandchildren (a pleasure for which I am eternally grateful!) Bodies weakened, brains foggy, energy low and medicine not really effective. For us there is hope on the horizon. And yet I grieve with some families I know and millions I don’t know who have lost loved ones to this disease.

We are healing. Time, it just takes time! Strength is gradually returning. Breathing is better. Our bodies are remarkable creations, not the least facet, their ability to heal.

Life has been filled with television, books, movies, a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, sitting outside on sunny days, preparing food, doing laundry, and as much ministry work as I can muster from day to day. But as physical energy has been sapped from the inside, so my soul energy has been depleted.

Deciding it was time today, I reclaimed my prayer chair. Grabbed my bible and journal and sat looking out at our beautiful back yard . . . I waited . . . and I was not disappointed as my Lord wrapped His love around me. Reminded me of His care through small creatures that each know His gaze. Showed me through these birds that being cleansed and drinking in deeply of His living water is how He reboots my soul.

I admit I am thirsty . . . I need you Lord, oh how I need you.

I will stay here until my thirst for You is satisfied. I believe it will be. . . . and I pray the words of John 7:38 will be once again be true: {She} who believes in Me, from {her} innermost being shall flow rivers of living water into the world, starting with the people around me!