July in Texas most often marks true beginning of summer. Little rain. Relentless sunshine giving notice that life draining high temperatures are on the way!

But not today. Thankfully, it is in the low 80s and raining. A slow, steady, peaceful rain continues to fall as I sit outside and enjoy the morning. A squirrel huddles in between two pecan branches. Birds are singing, though few appear. Our red caladiums, begonias, periwinkles, impatiens and wood ferns are soaking up the bounty. Water. Is. Life.

Calm and windy. Humid and dry air. Hot and cold. Rain-filled and sun-drenched days . . . Weather is always changing.

Our world was set in motion with everything we need for life, water being the most profound need.

Mountain streams skip over rocks singing their cheery songs. Oceans rise and ebb with the tide. Ponds and stock tanks provide for livestock. Rivers seem peaceful in their hypnotic flowing waters.

And yet . . . storms do come, rivers overflow, waters rage, ocean waves crash into beach homes and cities. Water can cause massive destruction.

Today though, there are no storms or raging waters. All is calm as rain droplets tap dance at the edge of my patio. Plants reach skyward to drink in nourishment.

I am savoring the gentle sounds. Enjoying moments of peace. Drinking in fully as God pours out nourishment into my weary soul.

I am grateful . . . not only for the rain.