Silence is all I heard as I opened my back door late last night. Peace all I felt. A quiet joy bubbled up as I watched a simple pleasure most often denied those who live in central Texas . . . snow!

The world was still. No noise save the almost imperceptible sound of a gentle snowfall.

A soft thin blanket of snow covered ferns, shrubs, rooftops, our dark green bird feeder and grandchildren’s bright yellow slide. The dead of winter being covered in beauty.

A resounding peace and for me, a very grateful heart for a gift that stills, comforts and rejuvenates my soul like no other!

I’ve skied down numerous mountains in New Mexico, Colorado and even the Canadian Rockies. Hiked through snow in May to see Peyto Lake and ridden in a horse drawn sleigh through the snow around a frozen Lake Louise in March.

But still I marveled last night at the tiniest of snowflakes dancing in the light illuminating our back yard.

Flitting to and fro. Racing sideways creating streaks as if they were tiny rockets. Numbers of them gathering into swirling patterns as if a painter was creating a work of art. No breeze I felt to guide them, yet still they danced before me. Gentle and powerful all at the same time.

The silence of snow coming down. Pure white covering everything. Both exude sheer beauty and a world at peace.

Last night there was no wind, no storm, seemingly not even a breeze. Stillness. And yet from time to time, one set of my wind chimes gently played their melody for me.

As it should be for us . . . gentle melodies, words of adoration from grateful hearts bubbling to the surface of our souls without forethought. Hearts led to express thanks to God for seasons of shalom, things as they should be.

Praises to God should be ever present, strong at times as we declare our allegiance to and faith in the Creator of the Universe.

Other times though, peace-filled worship that transcends words arises as our souls connect deeply with our Lord.

May our worship be pure, in joy-filled and in quiet times. May we seek those seasons of silence that can create a greater capacity for peace, and for the joy of the Lord.