For some time I have been silent . . . not intentional, just not writing. Perhaps related to the struggles that ensued in months following my last blog which ended with these words:

I’ve been seeing with human eyes when God wants me to look through spiritual eyes. As all Christ followers, I am filled with the God who never tires, never sleeps, and who is our Victor . . . the God who makes us overcomers in the battles of spiritual warfare.

Warfare not against a hawk, but warfare against a predator all the same . . .

Warfare that takes place within before we can engage in warfare in the world. Warfare that God steps into as we cry out, then listen for God’s voice and direction. Heed His warnings. Obey His calls to live in light of His great grace. Take His love to all peoples. Willingly enter into the suffering of others. And share the hope of Jesus Christ with the world . . .

A couple of months after that blog, I continued to seek understanding and I wrote about continuing battles, though never published the following:

Darkness. Night falls. Lights go on. People huddle within spaces filled with synthetic sunshine. Anything but being totally in the dark. So many unable to be still and embrace the darkness. To realize God gives insight, illumines impossible places, places gifts and treasures there . . .

We travelled at night this weekend, far from bright metropolitan areas. Past the glow of small towns. Through the countryside. Traveling not by the light of the moon, but by our car’s headlights!

Lost in thought and prayer, the world outside my frosty window seemed transcendent. A soft peripheral glow from our front lights revealed the highway shoulder whizzing by, blurred in a sort of half light. The bar ditch just past it, barely recognizable. Beyond the ditch, total darkness.

Without our headlights, we would have been traveling into the unknown, not knowing the pitfalls around the next corner. Whether the road ahead was straight or curved. We would have been blinded by the night, and I shudder to think where we might have ended up.

But with the light, we could see. Signs, warnings, detours, troubles. And the roadway ahead. We could trust in moving forward because we saw the path and could stay on it to arrive safely at our destination . . . .

Spiritual attack at times seems like darkness. Sometimes subtle in nature, we find ourselves being sucked under without warning. Other times, it rolls in head-on and buries the light. Too many times, darkness of soul has threatened to take up residence in my soul.

Satan’s tactic seem never ending . . .

Last week, attack through a human. The week before, weariness in ministry. The week before that, something entirely different. Satan never runs out of schemes, wiles, methods of attack crafted to magnify our weaknesses.

And yet, our God is the Creator of the universe and all its diversity, immensity, creativity and beauty. One day Satan will run out of time and schemes against believers, but our God will never run out of anything.

Our Holy Omnipotent God never tires, never sleeps, and never leaves us. (Isaiah 40:28, Psalm 121:4, Deuteronomy 31:8)

This week, I sought Jesus. Confessed sins of the darkness – pride, need to control, selfishness. Recognized them as things that keep me from total dependance on the One who pours out love and grants forgiveness filled with grace. I was reminded that no matter what I might face, God provides spiritual armor and covering. God fights battles around and within me.

For Ultimate victory was claimed at an empty tomb. Jesus resurrected is Lord. Victory for us as believers is found in the spiritual realm when we stay connected to Him, the source of all light and power.

As Paul would write in Colossians: Christ is Supreme. Christ is sufficient. Christ is enough. Christ is our Hope. In Christ, we are made complete.

So let the night fall, for darkness shall not hide Thee, oh my God and Savior.

I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me Gal 2:20