Unmoving. Head bowed. Back hunched. Leaning on her elbows. One hand slowly rubbing her forehead. Palpable dejection.

Around her, busy children rustling through the shelves of a school library searching for just the right book. A handful of them helping the librarian put stacks of returned books back on the shelves. Joy.

I lightly touch her shoulder. She looks up, weary lines etched across her usual smiling face. I heard despair, 3 plus 8. He cannot add 3+8. Silence. Eyes say it all before she speaks again, he’s in the third grade . . . .

Poverty robs, steals and destroys. But often not from the ones who are to blame, it’s the children who suffer most. Unwanted, given up on, abused, or simply ignored, children with hungry bellies and empty hearts live out what life has proclaimed over them. Believing the lie, it’s no use. Nothing I do really matters. Who cares? So far behind, I’ll never catch up. I don’t deserve better. 

My head and my heart utter silent screams, NO. No more. No longer. No way. We must unite our voices, our energies and do whatever it takes to love, restore, redeem and provide a quality education for all children.

For children who need emotional support. For those who need mental health services. For those who need social support. We. Must. Find. A. Way.

Kids Hope USA has. Well researched. Professionally led. Training given. Support provided. Resources available. Thousands of mentors. Thousands of children.

One child at a time. Life impacted. Value proclaimed. Dreams born. Hope given.

He will get it. We will love him. His teacher will show up, every day.

Soli Deo Gloria . . . Praise be to our God . . . for each and every one.