Seasons come. Seasons go.

Bitter cold. Glorious warmth. Stifling heat. Crisp cool.

Fall is such a welcoming season. Cooler temperatures awaken the senses. Sunlight seems brighter.

Crisp air. Brisk breezes. Darker mornings. Shorter days.

Homecomings. Pumpkins. Apples at the height of flavor.

Dying leaves bring brilliant colors, and joy . . .

But this fall, in many parts of the world there is no joy. Instead the darkness of evil reigns.

Diseases without cure. Slaughter of innocents without reason. Intolerance against belief systems. Persecution. Injustice. Imprisonment. Torture.

Yet, God has not abdicated His throne. God moves in His church.

God’s people rise up and say ‘take me. I will serve the sick and dying. I will put my life on the line defending the weak, the helpless, the oppressed. I will put my life in harms way for the protection of freedom and peaceful existence for all. I will give my life so that others may live.’

Most days I give my heart, love, time, strength, effort for the children in our city who live with so very little where opportunities are few. Abuse happens. Dreams fade, and often there is little joy.

What I give pales in light of the One who laid down His life in ultimate victory over evil and sin and death. Yet what I give is multiplied when given in the name and power of Jesus.

What if all Christ followers answer His call to care for others? Spread the Good News of our redeeming God, share the grace and love of Jesus Christ? Live a life of sacrifice loving others?

Would our dying to self bring joy . . . ?