It’s about time I returned to what I used to call, putting pen to paper, though now maybe that should be called, putting fingers to a keyboard! Either way, it is about time . . .

A lot has transpired since the middle of December . . . shopping, wrapping, preparing, cooking, praying, meditating, going to physical therapy post knee surgery, traveling, and ever enjoying the sights-sounds-smells of Christmas. All in an effort to immerse myself in the celebration of the Advent of our Lord, and the love of my family.

Expectation turned reality as moments of worship gave birth to a renewed sense of the presence of Jesus with me. Preparation gave way to our entire immediate family being together for four wonderful days. A family which could have had a very different Christmas this year. Yet by God’s grace and merciful, though inexplicable, protection all were present.

Expectation become reality, God with me, around me, in me . . . but what might that look like in the coming days?

Last week during a bible study in Isaiah 6, we read of the prophet’s experience in the tangible presence of Yahweh. We studied his response to that Presence and to the call he heard.

Discussion ensued about God’s calls we have felt and excuses we have been tempted to offer: I am unworthy, unclean. I am not prepared, not ready. I am incapable. Many others could do a better job. I can’t do it and I can’t fathom why God would want to use me . . . .

Even though admittedly through the years I have offered or hidden behind similar excuses, I was struck with the simplicity of the answer I now believe we must give. For if we, as Isaiah, experience the Holy Almighty, yet deeply intimate presence of God our answer to whatever call ensues should focus on God, not on ourselves. And we must say, yes, Lord, here am I. Send me.

For alone, we humans are all woefully inadequate, unclean, unworthy, not ready. Yet, oh how God is strong enough and completely capable of molding and using whomever He chooses for any given task. Disciples, not Jewish leaders or even the High Priest . . . ordinary men were Jesus’ closest friends and followers. Ultimately, the ones who carried the Gospel into the far reaches of the known world and changed the face of history for all generations to come. Ordinary turned extraordinary. Simple made huge. Sinner made disciple, preacher, teacher, and carrier of the grace of God.

But isn’t that what God’s grace is all about?

Salvation given in undeserved, unconditional, covenantal faithful love.

Gift of sanctification begun and to be continued until that day we see Jesus face to face.

Gift of the Holy Spirit planted within each believer. Gifts of the Spirit given with the intent that we would release them in . . . equipping the saints for the work of service to the building up of the Body of Christ. Ephesians 4:12  

So as we unabashedly, unwaveringly and unafraid decide to accept God’s call on our lives, we have the promise that God will impart wisdom equal to the task He asks of us and strength for whatever our journey requires.

Isn’t it about time you consider God’s call and won’t you join me in:

. . . running with endurance the race set before me,
with my eyes fixed on Jesus
 . . . not growing weary or losing heart . . .
believing God will equip me in every good thing to do His will,
working in me that with is pleasing in His sight,
through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory forever and ever. 
Hebrews 12:1-3, 13:21