Just finished seeing pictures of the tear stained faces of precious children sitting in the red dirt of Uganda . . . holding bowls, buckets, cups . . . waiting on their porridge and bean ration . . . for most, their one meal a day. Children carrying younger siblings . . . children getting food for siblings left behind . . . 1200 a day in this one place.

Oh God, it should not be.

My heart breaks at the thought, and help them, we must. Not stopping until every child on the planet has enough food. Access to clean drinking water. Freedom to live without malaria and other treatable diseases. Safety. Education. Health. And a viable hope for a future bright with promise.

My heart also breaks for the children of our city. Children who are hungry, neglected, abandoned, abused. Children who grow up unaware of the imago dei placed within each of us by our Creator. Unaware they are image bearers. Unable to believe they are human beings of great worth and value. Unable to understand the giftedness lying within nor the root of who they are. Children who may not ever reach their full potential or use their gifts to impact our world for good.

Though my heart breaks for all the children of the world, my life is invested in helping the children here, at home. This is my calling . . . and oh how grateful I am for the hundreds of adults in my church, and across our city, who have heard and answered a similar call. Adults willing to get involved in the lives of children in our local schools. Bringing light. Being a picture of God’s hesed, covenantal faithfulness. Sharing joy. Teaching. Tutoring. Mentoring. Pouring love and speaking hope into their little lives.

Today, I may send money to Uganda . . .

But today . . . tomorrow . . . the day after . . . and the day after that . . . I will answer the call to the children of my city. Calling others to walk alongside me. Ever interceding. Ever asking God for help. And ever believing in the hope found in Jesus.

 and Jesus said, let the children come unto me
and He picked them up,
took them in His arms and began blessing them. 
Mark 10:14-16

Oh God, may there be restoration and redemption and wholeness  . . . for all the children of the world.