barefoot boy. running free, carrying One, I expect, filled with joy.

cusp of teen years. feet still. seated with the teachers in the temple.

sandaled feet of a man. Rabbi, friend, mentor. walking throughout Galilee.

dusty feet of our Savior. walking. walking. walking.

buoyant feet traversing the Sea of Galilee. bidding His disciple come.

tired feet. seeking refuge, time alone with His Father.

determined feet. following, no matter the cost ahead.

cleansed feet. tears. hair. spices. anointed. prepared.

soles turned upward. kneeling. washing feet of His disciples, and metaphorically, mine.

in the dirt. body prostrate. agony of prayer in Gethsemane. broken . . . resolved.

stumbling under weight of the cross. body beaten, abused.

bloodied. impaled by Roman spikes.

scars visible. resurrected . . .

if we were to sit at the feet of Jesus, what could we learn?


servanthood. not for recognition or recompense, but for love of our Savior.

unfaltering trust in God, our Father.

unwavering determination in following God’s desire. for the good of others. not counting the cost.

serving. being served.

open, expectant of miracles. witnessing lives radically changed, restored.

taking the Good News, the miraculous grace and incomprehensible love of Jesus, to others. all others. nearby. far away.

beautiful are the feet of those
who bring glad tidings of good things!
Romans 10:15