In my prayer time this morning (of which I am often a miserable example of consistency lest you think otherwise) I was contemplating the God I know and love. Looking at nature always takes me into a place of awe. And today was no different as I looked out my windows at empty ‘dead’ trees knowing they will be bursting with life in a matter of weeks as color, life and light is slowing returning to the darkened world of winter . . .

My over active brain soon had me surfing the web of my mind’s stored pictures, and as I often do, I landed in the beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Traversing the Bow valley north of Banff, I was soon lost in memories of the blue hues of Lake Louise and Peyto Lake, their surrounding mountains, glaciers and stunning views.

Somehow my thoughts turned to the stars that must be visible above those places if one could brave the cold and look up in the dead of winter. How I wish sometimes to be far away from city lights and truly see what lies in the night skies. To see the twinkling billions and billions of stars existing beyond our universe.

Yes, I have seen some amazing images gathered through the Hubble telescope. Details unlike anything any of us could ever imagine. Detail giving us opportunity to see beyond ourselves, our planet, our galaxy. Detail perhaps a window into the immensity of our God.

There is a reverential awe within me as I see those photographs, and yet still I yearn to look up and see with my eyes. Witness the night sky overflowing from horizon to horizon with twinkling lights. See what my grandchildren and I sing about.

Billions of stars . . . all created by our God. All created to emit light . . . light though incomprehensible distances away, still light we can behold . . . maybe light sent to get our attention.

Surely it got mine as I contemplated the sources of light within creation. As I was ushered into a place of reverence and worship.

As I began to contemplate the Transcendent nature of our God, yet God who goes to great lengths to reveal Himself to us. Perhaps none so telling as the stars above, for God is light.

God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5

And Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness . . . John 8:12, 

I needed this reminder today, this call to focus on God as Light. The Light of the world who can dispel any darkness within and bring light into any darkness we might face.

For to be sure, darkness exists in our world. Evil reigns in many places, and hearts. Hopelessness and sorrow run rampant in broken lives. And yet – two of my favorite words in Scripture – God is light. God is creator and God bringer of light . . . and sometimes, God brings light through humans who determine to make a difference in a world of pain.

Recently, a large group gathered to celebrate ministry among the poor and marginalized of our city and paused to pay tribute to a man who had lived and ministered in the midst of the difficulties of life in Haiti.

A man who refused to sink into the hopelessness of the situation, into despair at the immensity of the problems. Who rather firmly rooted himself in Christ and spent his last years bringing light to the people he loved so deeply. He helped build and run a school which has educated and fed hundreds of children. He helped pave the way for numerous new water wells.

Because of this man’s decision to be a bringer of light, children are being given hope. They are being given opportunities to help bring them out of the difficult life around them. Being given an education and life skills that could transform them into bringers of light and hope to others.

A remarkable story . . . one I pray in some way is being replicated in the lives of the several hundred children who have been and are being mentored by adults in our church through our Kids Hope USA ministry.

Children who one day may realize the light being shined into their lives is actually coming from the Father of all light who dwells within us. And children who will lead lives that twinkle brightly as they become bringers of light . . . .