You are an entirely unique creation. You have a voice unlike any other, a seed ready to burst forth from the ground, with an offering of color the world has yet to see. Michele Cushatt

Half the Sky, a recent book and TV documentary, tells the stories of those whose voices have been stolen, silenced, beaten or shamed out of them. As it delves into the darkness of gender-based violence among women and sex trafficking/forced prostitution among young girls, it brings more than information. It brings faces and allows the women and girls to tell their own stories. It gives them a voice in this world.

All across our world, and in our city, children are abused, assaulted, abandoned, neglected. They have lost their innocence, their childhood . . . their voices.

But sometimes a child is saved. Yesterday I witnessed the saving grace of our Lord in the final chapter of the adoption process for a dear friend and her husband. Their little one was rescued from a life of potential neglect and abuse. The battle has been long and arduous, but it has been God’s battle all along. As the judge pronounced the adoption binding and final, there was great rejoicing among those of us who have walked with and prayed for this precious family.

All children deserve to be nurtured and happy. Perhaps our Lord smiles as the image of God is implanted within each conceived soul. Rejoices at the beauty, gifts, and eternal purpose housed within each new life. Weeps when those things are stolen or destroyed, and calls all Christ followers to go in the love of Christ. To restore lives, and voices.

I serve alongside many beautiful adults who go to an elementary school in our city each week and spend one-on-one time with a child from that impoverished neighborhood. These are beautiful children. Gifted children. Precious children bearing the image of our Creator.

Yet children whose voices have been silenced . . . some literally, some haltingly, some wounded by the world around them or buried under the rubble of their little lives.

Into these little lives, our adults take the grace and love of our Savior as they spend time with one child. Caring, loving, teaching, mentoring, and bringing God’s extraordinary grace into the students’ lives. Helping them know they are precious, valued and deeply loved.

Becoming advocates on behalf of vulnerable children. Faithfully being with them week after week. Validating their stories, caring about their hurts, and helping each one find their voice again . . . a voice unlike any other, a seed ready to burst forth from the ground, with an offering of color the world has yet to see.

Won’t you answer the call . . . .

~To those of you whose own voices are mute, whatever the cause, I believe Jesus would say to you . . . come unto me, lay your burdens at My feet, and let me hold and comfort you.

For our God is faithful, our God is ever loving. Our God is ever present. And our God has given each of us a beautiful voice through which to pour out His love and hope upon the world.

Won’t you let our Lord restore your voice . . . .